Truth…The Eternal Ease!

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Sathees Chandran commented on the note “DEATH is the only Fallacy!”:

SC: There should be something beyond silence / nothing or just being; may be a different movement altogether? Otherwise it’s simply a materialistic view.

 NR: 🙂 Truth is Here & Now…..! There is nothing beyond it or even prior to it! It encompasses every possible ‘priors’ and ‘beyonds’.

The notional belief of being separate seek for more, different and beyond! Seeking something beyond than this present moment is a dream…and that is the Truth! The belief that the Truth is to be sought is a dream…and that is the Truth! The belief that the Truth can be found through some formula is a dream…and the understanding of that is the Truth! Whatever that is found through a formula, process can not be the Truth (The Eternal Ease)!

Truth here refers to the Eternal Truth which is your or mine or anyone’s Real Nature! One can surely seek something which is separate from us.

Instead of searching it outwardly through newer concepts, newer methods, newer words the search for this ‘searcher of the truth’ may lead to the ‘Real Abode’!

What happens is that the whole search surrounds around the (notional belief of) separate searcher and keeps that notional entity in a loop. At times it is frustrating and fearful, but the frustration and the fear is for the non-existing notional belief usually referred as ‘me’. The fear is of losing the grip and of getting support less. As a matter of fact the real Truth is Support less ( Self-Supporting ) & Independent 🙂 And why should one fear …fear for what!? Whatever that will annihilate or evaporate or will be seen as dream will be Non-Truth only and whatever that will prevail will be the Real..Eternal! The Real can never be destroyed and the unreal can never sustain permanently!

What is that (from seen or unseen..Known or unknown) you want….which You (Your Real Nature) are already not !!!!! What is that for which You fear (from seen or unseen..Known or unknown) …which You are already not…!!! 🙂

Best wishes with love n regards

-Nitin Ram

SC: “The stage which mentioned here is nonexistent for me. But I can be without thought and that being is not stationery, it is getting changed by day after day. A kind joint process is taking place in me. Appearing of thought and feelings, by observing it gets dissolved but not everlastingly. But I can be in the gap for longer time and also having some good feelings. Again it will slip away but I am not carrying it over. Again new perception and this process going on. Am I wasting my time here? “

NR: Thank you dear Sathees. You said that the stage mentioned earlier is non-existent for ‘me’ and what I am saying is that this ‘me’ is non-existent, which itself is certainly a not a ‘feel good’ pointer ;-). You need not believe what I say but try n verify within yourself if this ‘me’ has any separate existence! What is the nature of this ‘me’ which is seeking thoughtless state permanently! What is the shape, colour, design of this ‘me’ entity! You need not share it with me but ponder within and find out for yourself. Instead of searching it outwardly through newer concepts, newer methods, newer words, the search for ‘searcher of the permanent thoughtless state’ may lead to the ‘Real Abode’.

It seems that this ‘me’ is seeking permanent thoughtless, feeling-less state. Understand that only the dead bodies can have that kind of permanent state. Why so? Because what is absent in the dead body is the ‘breath’. What rays are for the Sun exactly the thoughts are for the Breath. As the Rays and the Sun is a singular phenomenon, same way are the Prana and the mind/thoughts. As long as breath continues the thoughts will keep on appearing and disappearing. It is the understanding that YOU are not only separate than this breath/prana but also your real existence is independent & much prior to the appearing of this breath.

Why and how are You separate from the breath!? 🙂 Someone who has undergone kind of dhyana/meditation practice especially ‘vipassana’ even at once will understand that the breath/prana is being witnessed by some entity within. And what is that entity which witnesses the breath is nothing other than the Consciousness. In the moment of witnessing breath one thing gets clear & obvious that ‘You’ are separate than the breath. Having “known” this that your existence is separate and despite of the breath, You understand intuitively that this breath is sort of your friend. And then the thoughts that appears & disappears which are just extension of this breath are also the inevitable ‘friends’ or rather your neighbor. Now, how many times in a day do you poke your nose at your neighbor’s house!!! 🙂 You simply understand that the neighbor has some inherent nature/swabhava/characteristics of say chattering. Why should one try to change the nature of your neighbor (thought or mind)!!? 🙂  The mere intuitive understanding that your existence is separate and despite of that neighbor can dissolve all the efforts to bring back ‘feel good’ permanent state of thoughtlessness or curb so called bad thoughts 🙂 . The thoughts appearing are none of Your business.

The efforts to bring back the state of thoughtlessness are itself preventing the same. Try to understand, whenever the thoughtless state has appeared…it has appeared on its own and especially because of the momentary ‘absence of ‘me’ (despite of ‘me’) & ‘me’ is a seeker entity’. And what happens is after that feel good experience this ‘me’ will say that “I had got this wonderful experience” and I want it permanently now. Can you see the trap!!?  🙂

Second thing is the thoughtless stateless state that you are talking or aiming at is a Samadhi state. Undoubtedly it is Complete and beyond expression. But mind well that, it is a purely ‘spontaneous’… ‘Stateless state’ which is non-causal. You (me) try to arrive at it and it slips further away :-). It is always despite of ‘you (me)’! The understanding of ‘this’ that this stateless state is beyond the reach of this ‘me’ can ease out a lot of unnecessary burden. Remember that this state is not permanent to anyone who includes Krishna or Christ or Ramana. As long as breath exists at times the thoughts will cease to exist and other times they will keep on appearing and disappearing (but never ever they will disturb Your Real Nature). The delivery of these thoughts is not taken (automatically) as the entity(me) which used to take that delivery is slipped away permanently through the Understanding of one’s Real Nature :-).

In the final Understanding this ‘me’ is seen directly as a mere reflection in the mirror. Now tell me, what is the method or process one can indulge to stop suffering of this ‘me’ (which is a reflection which does not have any independent existence)? What is the technique to arrive at All time feel good state… for this reflection…mind well REFLECTION!! The reflection is asking, “How do i live my life!?” lol Don’t you feel like laughing at this divine joke that the reflection is seeking PEACE or PERMANENT HAPPINESS or TRUTH or say ENLIGHTENMENT!!!!!!!!!!? lol

You asked, ”Am I wasting my time here!”

I say nothing is wasted here and at the same time, in the core nothing is useful either! Because be it useful or useless which will be again for the same reflection ‘me’. In the absence of ‘me’ …like in a sleeping state…do you desire anything…be it peace or thoughtless state!!?

Much love n regards, Tat Tvam Asi

-Nitin Ram

SC: “Thanks a lot for this exhaustive explanation and it is indeed an invaluable diamond to annihilate the doubtful me. But it may need some more time to assimilate it and if any doubt prop up I will come for the clarification. Once again thanking you.”

NR: You are most welcome. In a way I am very glad that the sharing exhausted the doubtful ‘me’ at least to some extent :-). Thank you. Love n Regards

-Nitin Ram

  1. very nicely put – all thoughts, words and ideas take us away from the actuality of the ever present.

    Being a beginner I am only overawed and full of joy of this 'coming together' finally of various perspectives – that of Maharaj (just be aware that you are), J K (thought is time is past, is me),Ramana's (who is this 'me') as also Atmananda's perspective to take a stand that there is only awareness – which is aware of a mind-body complex as well as the universe around it.

    I am simply indebted to all. Many thanks for sending me these snippets.

    Best Regards,

  2. Thanks for sharing Nitin!
    Identity with body n mind is hard to get rid of….! Every moment 'I' is uttered by this body/mind bundle…the beingness tries to pull it towards the form – and tries to identify with it…! your pointers are precise..and I'm sure will help the 'seekers' towards losing the false identity…!

    I was just reading the Nectar of Immortality by edited Robert powell…… unless 'I' identity with my real nature (which again I cannot do in words 🙂 it is difficult to even understand a single word of Maharaj!

    ny way… the more words come out of this body – the more it seems those nothing but words…so I will stop now. 🙂

    Looking forward to talking to you soon..


  3. Dear Nitin,
    we like your e-mails,thanks. Your reply to SC is most appropriate. By reading your 'Fallcy' two lines came to our mind.
    Jikade pahave tikade Sadagurucharan
    Ghatale lotangana janma-marane

    With love Jai-Mohan.

  4. Dear Nitin,

    I have saved your blog writtings. Really U have written in great depths. I will read it afterwards, with more attention.


  5. The Real Abode !!
    so good to read Nitin.

    Love !

  6. This was so helpful. Excellent responses to the questions.

  7. "excellent explanation !!…'NR'"

    -Santosh Dubal

  8. hugs!

  9. Extraordinary sharing. Fantastic expression which is never heard before. many thanks. regards,


  10. I like this sentence soooooo much..
    "The reflection is asking, “How do i live my life!?” lol Don’t you feel like laughing at this divine joke that the reflection is seeking PEACE or PERMANENT HAPPINESS or TRUTH or say ENLIGHTENMENT!!!!!!!!!!? lol


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