The obsession called…. Learning! :-)

Where did you learn breathing?
Where did you learn that you exist?
Where did you learn that you are born?
Where did you learn to get up?
Where did you learn to slip?
Where did you learn to dream?
Where did you learn to smile?
Where & when did you learn to live?
Where & when did you learn to love?
Did you really learn….. Who taught you… Which books or scriptures…!!!
Or…..  Are these the most naturally happening processes!! 🙂
And now you are trying to learn, ‘who you are’….!!! lol
Now you think that you have learnt the art of thinking!!!!!
Excuse me…… do you feel that ‘you’ do all the thinking or it just the thoughts appearing and disappearing despite of this notional ‘you’!!! 🙂
Best wishes,
Nitin Ram
01 JULY 2010
  1. all this learning and un-learning drama .. comes frm same source ..i find in my best of awareness that all is part of big game even being in sleep and then coming to awareness too is just a game of lord ………..

    thts y all seems to be gibberish………

    from where i learnt tht i dont knw ?
    frm source itself
    boz all thoughts comes frm there …
    frm i knw tht i knw ……..same ditto source

    frm where now i feel tht i dont care to… knw or to dont knw ?

    if my whole individual beingness
    is dream then all story of discovering too is part of dream and is fake .

  2. gads! 60 years of seeking have led to this. utterly amazing. western mystery traditions too including sufi gnosticism, christian gnosticism, alchemy, jung, and now back where i was 20 years ago with nisargadatta and its all basically the same only different time different culture different geography different happenings different explainations about the same indescrible reality.

    we are not "fake" at all it seems. nor are we alone. gads. we are many it seems we literally are "legion"? hahahahhaaha!

    gads gads gads. we are being LIVED hahahahhahaha! and awareness seems to literally be the key.

    so whoever is living us can manifest???? gads. boggling.

  3. नितिन राम ,

    स आ वि वि
    आपण विचारलेले प्रश्नाचे उत्तर सर्व क्रियांकडे साक्शिभावाने पहवयाचे आहे. मी कोण आहे ही जाणीव करतच साक्षीभाव आपोआप येत असतो.
    नितिन तू ग्रेट आहेस तू जे लिहितोस (*) तोच लिहितो आहे. आपण आपला उत्साह असाच ठेवावा. परमात्मा आपणाला उदंड उत्साह देवो !
    सर्वांना यथायोग्य !

    -नंदा ठकार

  4. धन्यवाद काका.

    आपले येथे कायमच स्वागत आहे. येथे कोणीही आगळा-वेगळा असां नाहिच्चे…जो ग्रेट वैगेरे आहे..येथे आहे फक्त ग्रेट्नेस…व्हास्टनेस…अवेअरनेस..जे माझे, तुमचे आणि सर्वांचे "स्वरूप" आहे.

    नदीला कधीतरी तहान लागते का ! नदीला कुठे कधी थांबावेसे वाटते का ! नदीला कळत पण नाही कि ती कशी कोठे आणि का वाहते आहे! तशीच काहिशी ही अवर्णनीय अवस्था आहे ज्यात कळतेपण पण नाही आणि अ-कळतेपण पण नाही……जेव्हा जे जे हवे आहे तेव्हा ते ते सहजपणे येते आहे किंवा जाते आहे. येणारे पण आपण नाही आणि जाणारे पण आपण नाही. आहे काय तर फक्त जाणार्‍या आणि येणार्‍याचे 'जाणतेपण'! जे कधीच कोठूनही आलेले नाही आणि कधीच कोठे जाणार पण नाही. जे जे येते आहे किंवा जाते आहे असे दिसते आहे ते-ते….तो-तो सर्व भ्रम..आभास! केवळ क्षणिक आभास्…मग हा 'क्षण' कधीतरी पन्नास वर्षांचा असेल तर कधीतरी शंभर वर्षांचा. पण आपले "स्वरूप" जे सत्य-नित्य आहे ते ह्या छोट्या-मोठ्या क्षणांवर कद्यपिही अवलंबून नाही…ते आहे निरंजन… निरावलंब… निरंतन!

    सद्गुरुंची कृपा आहे…जी अनंत आहे..अव्यहत आहे..वाहतेच आहे…आणि त्याचेच दुसरे नांव आहे "स्वरुप'.

    जय गुरु _()_

    सप्रेम नमस्कार
    -नितीन राम

  5. nice article


    -Sujal Upadhyay

  6. नित्या ….. एक नंबर् !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. what is the "awareness" finally mean? it does not mean being aware of empty black "nothing" that is the end of a branch only of the tree we all are climbing….crawl back and climb some more keep going…. but to become "aware" spiritually means finally being able to discern what is happening to your clueless stunted ego-body-consciousness and recognizing that you are really being possessed by basically "another" power or force (maybe living in your soul?)rather than mindlessly, unconsciously living out irrational, unpredictable, out of your conscious control affect. rather than being the puppet of affect and hating and killing for example because you are under the spell and can, become aware that this alien affect finally is how "the other" becomes noticed….noticed when "you" are finally spiritually ready and can discern thats its not all about you actually, and there really is more to life than being a rooting pig in life….without going insane with rage and fear…. and you go on from there.

    being? becoming? what has to become realized is that "we", i.e. humans and our now modern, godless, scientific, rational one-sided blind suicidal ego-centric ways… as we are now is not the end of evolution by any means. that is the huge conceit and cause of periodic downfall….its not now and never was all about us. become aware that "we" are not alone here in our evolved bodies but that "we" are just the first conscious part of a process of becoming. ultimately, the end of evolution results in something unimaginably magnificent that happens between worlds of physical manifestation and the world of spirit. and this has always been so and recognized and explored and "explained" by the (regarded as mentally ill at least, not part of the collective group in any way, in no way educated) mystics of every race, religion, culture, time, and place. only thing is periodically, the institutional authority with the power to exterminate those who see go ahead and kill the independent free-thinking pests off.

    but back to seeing empty nothing….this impression is only the impression of an out of control afraid that this is all there is, ego viewpoint. its not about us and our ego here and now. we are much, much more than we are told. its all about process, and the individual godless "scientific" empty except for your ego if all you identify with is your physical body in this one life does end in empty blackness if you are yet another dead clueless greedy seed, but that viewpoint is just one dead-end branch of the tree there is more, much much more than what global banksters or politicians or institutions or their owned "educators" and "experts" tell us. the end sory.

  8. 🙂

  9. Thanks everyONE for being HERE and for your reflections, comments !

    Somehow I am unable to grasp many words…..but keep sharing as you wish! 🙂 You are Welcome HERE!

    Love n Regards,


  10. extremely profound n worth pondering again n again. thks again n again.



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