ANHAD RETREAT – March 2018

Mar 2018

ANHAD Retreat, A Treat for the Soul. A four day residential retreat with Nitin Ram*.

Retreat Schedule:
1) 1 – 4 March 2018
2) 15 – 18 March 2018
3) 29 March – 1 April 2018

ANHAD Retreat is a one of its kind residential personalized spiritual retreat in India for Inner Transformation, aimed at Experiential Blissful Living. It’s a golden opportunity to awaken your hidden potential & discover Inner Wealth.

Life must have given you various experiences so far. ANHAD Retreat will gift you The Experience of Life ! An experience here, shall forever change the way you view the world and your place in it. Each moment spent here in these 4 days can bring about a 3 dimensional change in your life.

People from all walks of life participate in this Retreat, including holistic healers, engineers, film makers, artists, doctors, lawyers, homemakers, IT professionals, astrologers, tarot readers, speakers and followers as well teachers of Yoga, Reiki, NLP, Vipassana, Art of Living, Isha, Kriya Yoga, SSY, Yogada Satsang Society etc.
Seats are limited & on first come first serve basis.
10 nos. Only.
Age limit: 30 to 55 years*

Registration Offers open for March 2018 Retreats:
1) Before 15th January 2018.
2) Before 15th February 2018.

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