Nothingness which is Everything

“Nothingness” need ‘nothing’

Life is Total….Complete in its entirety in this very Moment !
And why will it not be !?
There is no past and no future…..but this Moment is Total !
How can Life be seeking something !?
How can ‘Everything’ seek ‘Anything’ !
How can Life have any needs ..!?
Yes…but the notion of ‘Being separate from the Life’
will surely have all sorts of needs like need for knowledge…
need for contentment… need for understanding…
need for realization…need for awakening…!
Life is not aware of any of them………
…..not only it doesn’t have any needs
but it doesn’t even know that it is lacking Anything !
Life simply flows like a stream of water….like a breeze;
despite of ‘knowingness’ or even ‘non-knowingness’…..!

With Love,

Nitin Ram
 10 Sept 2009

 Whatevr the Question, Love is the Answer!