Realizing the fiction as fiction

Is ‘Qasaab*’ really dead!

Picture courtesy: Mandar Rede

broke… The terrorist Ajmal Qasaab hanged! The justice prevailed though delayed!
Did the scores completely settle! Who knows… may be to
the certain extent. Can the scores be permanently settled? Isn’t the outward
scores get multiplied every new moment?? Who knows… the outside Qasaab may get replaced and again
gets executed! I don’t know, I am unaware.
It seems Qasaab didn’t want to die! But anyway… who
wants to die…!!!! Qasaab sent a mercy petition! But who isn’t standing in the
mercy line here…!!! I am talking about Qasaab*
each one….!
Qasaab* within each one… irrespective of the age… is suffering,
suffocating & getting exhausted. And yet, Qasaab within each one… doesn’t
want to die. Qasaab within each one…  is
ever standing in the mercy lineup. Is this Qasaab*
a reality or a fiction!!!! Upon recognizing the fictional nature of
this ‘Qasaab* within’… the score …
the Internal account permanently gets settled with the revealation of the Eternal Ease! Outside Qasaab is a symptom…  Qasaab* within is the root cause for the suffering!


Qasaab* within is the sense of separation which doesn’t want to die
and is ever standing in a mercy lineup! Let’s check out if this Qasaab* within is still alive or dead! .

With LOVE,
Nitin Ram                                                                                       
Whatever the Question, Love is the Answer.                                                                       

Qasaab* refered here as the ‘sense of separation’ within each one, which is the root cause of the suffering.