The space can never be confused

The Reel and the thread : The Body and the mind

JP: A lot of confusion still exists. It’s like muddled water or an intermingled thread. I feel as if I am enmeshed in the threads of the mind.
NR: The reel and the thread are like the body and the mind! What thread is for the reel, mind is for the body! The identification with either of them will naturally lead to the inevitable knots. Isn’t it! Same way if you can correlate, you will find that getting indentified with the body & the mind will end up creating more & more confusions which results in more n more suffering.

Look at that picture! Just look…. wait …look again ! What did you see…..!

JP: Yes off course! I can clearly see the reel and the thread. 🙂

NR: 🙂 I asked you to look at the picture! I never suggested looking at the reel and the thread! Lol What about the empty space inside the reel, the space outside the reel! Did you miss that!? 🙂

JP: Yes, I missed that! Lol

NR: Lol ! We can only see that much what we identify our self with! Isn’t it! If your identification is with and as the body & the mind, you can only see the reel and the thread! Isn’t it! 🙂 The space inside & outisde that reel is independent of the reel or even the thread. THAT is not only independent but despite of the reel and the thread. THAT is much prior and beyond the reel and the thread phenomenon! What I am pointing always is THAT, which is yours, mine and everyone’s Real Nature!

JP: Yes, I agree! But I cannot forget that I am not the body & the mind. That’s the main issue. Lol.

NR: Who asked you to forget that! Lol Forget about forgetting any damn thing! Just understand!Any effort to either remember or forget anything will be futile! It is just the matter of understanding, cognizing with your real nature!
You have two hands, two legs, two eyes and two ears! Right! I too have the same! Lol! I am just kidding! Lol. Now let me know if at any given instant or moment, if you try to remember that the left hand as left or the right hand as right!? Do you try to remember which one is left and which one is right! Do you??? No, you don’t….no one does that! And yet both the hands are operative and do the necessary actions as & required. Aren’t those actions happening despite not remembering them or even thinking about them!? 🙂 Precisely the same way, the body & mind functions are undergoing, without YOUR interference. YOU as the eternal space, YOU as the eternity! How can YOU be bothered by this body & mind phenomenon? There isn’t any separate ‘you’! It is the hypothetical separate ‘you’ who is always worried about how to remember or scared of forgetting!
So in the real sense there isn’t anything which is worth remembering or even worth forgetting! lol The space can never be confused by the reel & the thread phenomenon! 🙂
JP: Thank you so much. 🙂
NR: My pleasure! Thanks! 🙂
Nitin Ram

15 April 2011

Whatever the Question, Love is the Answer!