The wordless

NISHABDA – The Wordless

Neither garlands
nor bouquets of words
can describe THAT
which is prior to words.
Words form questions
and replies are of words
all is a play for that
Silent Word.
Wordy kite
with wordy thread
reaches the sky
but can’t be read.
Wordy boat
floats on wordy bank
to fathom the depth
it remains blank.
Word means the language
Language of breath;
But selfless is He
The knower of breath.
Beds of words
with pillows of words
if you can’t get rest
then leave them for best.
Adding word to word
and making a rhyme
Gathering meaningless words
Is a waste of time.
Here is a wordy play
in the wordy market
Know the Knower
prior to losing your wicket.
Bondage of words
And love for words
can these concepts
Take you forward?
Jumble of words
and wordy ways
Take you nowhere
but make you sway.
Colours of words
and wordy company
to know the Silence
it is useless symphony.
Play of words
give only trouble,
Know the Knower
because life is a bubble.
Wisdom of words
in a wordy market
you yourself are the support
Please don’t forget.
Words have become important
and not the feelings
How will you know
your true dwelling!
Words make ‘me’
and words make ‘you’
By Sat-Guru’s grace you will know,
you are the knower of the wordless principle.
-Nitin Ram
Original Marathi post ‘NISHABDA’ can be found at this link:
which is kindly translated here in English by Jaya-Mohan.