Akriya Yog

Akriya Yog is the Art of Being. It is the art of recognising the Real you. It is the divine gate to the abundant and independent joy which all of us secretly wish & constantly strive for.

Akriya Yog opens up floodgates to fearless living, mindful living, stress free living, spontaneous meaningful living and last but not the least, living to your fullest potential.

Traditional practices of Yog are seen to be enmeshing the practitioner in the realm of body and mind or most of the time restricting to physical exercise which offers a temporary feel good.

Akriya Yog is a contemporary trail of learning AND unlearning simultaneously. This is a sacred path for modern day seekers which can take them directly onto the spiritual highway.

Akriya Yog is the path, journey and destination as well.