Anhad Retreat is a one of its kind retreat for Inner Adventure. An experience here shall forever change the way you view the world and your place in it !

It is a 3 night, 4 day residential retreat, guided by Nitin Ram, an Awakened Master.

It aims at making fearless experiential living as your own, as Ram says,
“The greatest of all wonders is within!”

Location :

It is held at Anhad, which is situated in a pristine valley, in a village called Jor, overlooking the sahyadri ranges at the foothills of Mahabaleshwar, near Wai, Maharashtra, India. It is 125 kms, a 3 hour drive from Pune.

Who can attend Anhad Retreat ?

The retreat is for age group 30-55*.

We do love Children, but not here !

We welcome maximum 10 crazy people per retreat. The registration closes after this.

If interested, please fill up the registration form provided for further details.

What happens at Anhad retreat ?

It is a personalised, interactive retreat which starts off right from where you are. There are no do’s and don’ts here. There are no traditional or religious methods to be followed. In fact, the absence of traditional methods to quieten the mind is a relief ! The methods adopted are wonderfully original, exciting and of course rational and scientific as well. Newer horizons open up for anyone reaching Anhad.

Retreat sessions could either be in an organized way or spontaneous and extempore depending on the participant’s nature ! You could be in for some pleasant surprises !

There are open minded, informal, interactive sessions, debates, discussions, and sharings. ‘Thoughtful Meditations’ and ‘Self Reminder Meditations’ are the pioneering activities at Anhad. They happen through a variety of exciting activities and games.

The breathtaking valley where Anhad is located, provides many blissful moments for swimming in the river, Jungle treks, wildlife trails, campfire nights, star gazing, music, singing, dance, fun and time to relax.

So, are you ready for some Inner Adventure ?

Is this Retreat for me ?

The tools and techniques given here distress, energise and relax. It helps you reclaim your inner strength and enjoy life to its fullest potential.

Anhad Retreat is for those selected people:

  • Who want to learn the Art Of Being.
  • Who want to enjoy life with passion and love.
  • Who are interested in reaching, nurturing and strengthening the roots of peace, happiness and freedom.
  • Who are keen to understand and strengthen relationships.
  • Who are keen to rise above fear, anxiety and restlessness.
  • Who wish to gain freedom from chattering mind and unwanted thoughts.
  • Who wish to look at everything from a different/positive point of view.
  • Who wish to get direct answers to many unanswered questions in life.
  • Who are ready to learn and explore new ways.
  • Who have the courage to redefine success, richness and life.
  • Who have Priority and Passion for Experiential Blissful Living.
  • Who are searching for a genuine spiritual gateway.
  • Who want to find out the real purpose of life.

If you resonate with many or any of the above, this retreat is for you.

Accommodation :

Stay in cottage (on sharing basis) accommodation, separate for men and women. Images for the same can be shared on request. We also provide twin sharing tents as another choice, for fun loving people !

Food :

Food provided here is vegetarian/non vegetarian, the delicacies being Maharashtrian, South Indian, Punjabi, Chinese and continental as well. It includes tea with snacks, breakfast, lunch, high tea, barbecue and dinner.

Food is prepared using traditional methods with cereals and millets grown at Anhad.

Why is Anhad so unique ?

  • Individual, one to one interaction with the Awakened Master is a rare privilege.
  • This is an unparalleled gathering of limited, selected few people that enables effective personal interaction.
  • People coming here are from diverse backgrounds and hence it is a pleasure, interacting and communicating with them. In the bargain, you also get to learn from other’s life experiences.
  • This is an unique platform for two kinds of people. One, who benefits from the learnings, and the other, who benefits from the unlearnings !
  • Since each person is unique, individual attention is given in order to deal with specific issues.
  • The sessions are interactive, and anyone seeking clarity is free to ask.
  • It is a combination of relaxed, fun filled moments, games on one hand and silent contemplative moments on the other.

How to reach Anhad :

Conveyance for Pune-Anhad, to and fro by car can be provided if required, with prior booking.

For the adventurers and backpackers eager to hitchhike, other ways to reach Anhad can be sent on request.

ANHAD - Abode of Love, Peace and Harmony

Interested in more details ?

Nitin Ram’s experiential understanding of life in its entirety is refreshing, like a stream flowing through a forest, that finds its way, unknowingly to an open heart! And so are his totally never heard before methods, unconventional, radical, pristine like a river at its source. Not a mere coincidence then, that River Krishna too comes to life here !

The clarity experienced here with Ram during certain mind games and scientific sessions simply help in channelizing mind and thoughts effortlessly to do what is needed in that moment ! He calls them ‘Thoughtful meditations’ as he believes that a thought is essential to take you beyond thoughts.

He sums it up as ‘Akriya Yog’, with emphasis on unlearning as the highest form of learning !

It sometimes does happen that we don’t find like minded people with whom we can interact, on similar wavelengths. Someone who can lend a ear without any judgements. Since Anhad Retreat is customised, it addresses each one’s questions directly even without one realising it.

Ram’s words come out of nowhere, beyond mind, and beyond any learnings. And He jokingly says, that’s simply  because He is tuned 24/7 into 0.00 frequency ! And that’s exactly why, it’s fresh, every moment.

His approach is direct and addresses issues at grassroot level.

Actually, unconventional methods have long been a part of our ancient culture, where our Rishis would impart the essence to the ones who were keen on it. There was hardly any mass medicine where one method or one solution was given to thousands ! NO ! Mass medicine simply won’t work, as each one of us is unique! There has to be a fresher perspective in the way each one’s issues are handled. Be it relationships, career or family.

Infact, looks like the western culture has picked up ancient methods of the east, with people directly interacting with an awakened one, simply sitting across !

Like the best example we ever have of Krishna and Arjuna……

Arjuna was actually lucky, because Google.com wasn’t born during his time ! Or else he would have long been dead on the battlefield !

Google couldn’t have answered his intriguing questions anyway and Arjuna would have died a worldly scholar by merely studying and researching  on Google!

Neither Krishna would have met Arjuna, nor Arjuna would have recognised Krishna !

Since Arjuna met Krishna and recognised Him, He was liberated !

People from different walks of life, from diverse backgrounds, attend this retreat including engineers, lawyers,home makers, healers, journalists, corporate sectors, scientists, doctors, teachers and followers  from various fields of Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Reiki, AOL, NLP, IF, SSY, YSS, Vipassana and many more.

There are different reviews from different people from different backgrounds, and each one has a different story to tell !

Click here for reviews

Ram’s way of life does not deny the world we live in. Rather, it takes the world in which we live along with us, which empowers us to enjoy the materialistic world to its fullest, with richness both in and out.

For a successful life, everyone is keen on showering fertilisers and insecticides on leaves, flowers, and branches.But, how can life actually be successful and well deserved, without showering care on the roots of the tree ?

This adds a fourth dimension to the quality of living, bringing in balance and harmony.

Anhad, an experience you might want to gift yourself.

A treat for the soul !

Welcome to Anhad.

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