About Nitin Ram

Nitin Ram is a blessed disciple of the two legendary masters, Osho and Nisargadatta Maharaj. He is a contemporary spiritual teacher, a modern day sufi mystic, who lives in Pune, Maharashtra, India with his family. He has been passionately sharing his insights, and meditation techniques since 2009. He also conducts talks and retreats.

He is a spiritual mentor, a life coach for many and for a spirited few, a hardcore Non-Duality teacher.

He is the founder of Akriya Yog.

An engineer by profession, he ran a successful business venture for over 26 yrs and then switched gears, to pursue his inner calling. His only purpose in life now is to share what he has been gifted from his Masters.

Ram is an enlightened being who has been bestowed with a capacity to guide spiritual seekers on their quest of the Ultimate Truth. His expressions are original, independent and hence rare to find. He connects exceptionally well with younger beings and is able to hold conversations naturally with them and give relevant pointers to help them on their journey of life.

His love and passion for sharing has been the only force behind his powerful insights, which surprisingly do not refer to any particular scriptures, nor do they quote or expound anyone’s teachings.

Carrying on the legacy of his Masters, his inspired words of wisdom and love, his teachings, not only bestow deep reflection, but also have a way of outwitting the mind, striking deep into the heart.

In His own words, whatever the question, love is the answer, reveals the simplicity of his teachings.

Don’t we get a new calendar home every year ? Well, i am the latest calendar ! reveals the humour with which he puts things across, and with such mind blowing clarity which is overwhelming.

His innovative ‘Self Reminder sessions’, and ‘Thoughtful Meditations’, as he puts it, relieve mental exhaustion,  destress and energize. His methods  are specially designed to pick at your mind and make you contemplate, think, reflect and find answers to the questions within.

His own experiences in life, so called good and bad, has brought about a crystal clear clarity in his teachings as he has already been in the seeker’s shoes. The teachings flow effortlessly, either spontaneously or in response to questions from ardent seekers, as well as during his intense conversations with them.

Ram believes that each one can be taught in different ways, each equally efficient, based on wherever each one stands. And this is possible, he says, only when there is a bond, a thread of love that gets established between the teacher and the seeker. On that thread, he says, anything and everything can be transmitted, as time and distance are no longer important then !

In his own words, It is only the grace and blessings of my GURU who picked this stupid and ignorant flute to play His divine tune ! Am ever grateful to HIM…

At His Feet Ever !

Ever since, this has been Nitin Ram’s prayer :

May you have whatever you wish for.. But i wish you recognize “what is that” you truly want as soon as possible !

And, the sharing continues…..