It’s never too late to catch onto that tune of eternal bliss Nitin Ram is humming ! And you can never miss out on that tune, however your mind tries to keep you preoccupied. This song is bound to wake you up from your deepest slumber. And why not ? This is from the Absolute !

Moments spent in the presence of Ram is never predictable. So expect the unexpected ! He directly addresses issues at hand, and it’s surprising that many of your unasked questions are also answered, and what more, even without your knowledge ! This simply dissolves all those futile concepts which we very dearly hold on to. It’s amazing how light you start to feel after all that necessary unloading of unnecessary concepts.

He puts you on the highway to bliss, where, you not just simply forget about your everyday nagging issues, but you soar into the sky with renewed vigor. The sufferings and miseries that simply evaporate is but a byproduct !

There is a one and only reason to be born as a human being. That becomes inevitably evident in his presence. The rest of the things happening in your life, well, simply remains that, a happening ! Your bliss no longer depends on it ! But is independent of it !

In Ram’s own words, “Satsang is a live concert of the deadly alive ! Satsang is being with someone whose default setting is gratitude.”

There cannot be a more direct, simpler, genuine expression of satsang.

Welcome to share moments that flows ever so gracefully, right from the heart.