Self Calling : Self Reminder Meditations

About the Book:

Self Calling is an assortment of Self-Reminder meditations in which Nitin Ram’s spontaneous insights relentlessly destroy all concepts of ‘Self’, pointing you towards the wordless ‘Nothingness’, a state beyond any need.

Carrying on the legacy of his Gurus, Sri Osho and Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, Nitin’s inspired words of Wisdom and Love, first engulf and then gulp what you think is ‘You’.

You may discover that these intention-less pointers not only bestow deep reflection but also have a way of circumventing the mind and striking deep into the heart… dropping ‘you’ into the ever-existing Natural state.

These pointers will help shed all misunderstandings about ‘Enlightenment’ being personal for the ‘assumed’ personality trying to seek it. “The ‘seeking entity’ that is trying to recognise the illusion,” Nitin points out, “is the Mother Of All Illusions!”

With sparkling wit and ripened wisdom Nitin uses what he calls ‘the double-edged sword of Love and Truth, compassionately edging the reader to topple beyond the Known. “To know by BEING is direct knowledge, sans knower. FULL STOP.”

These intuitive quotes may help set you free from your (mis) concepts of bondage and freedom, helping you discover Independent Joy as your Real Nature.

A heartfelt invitation to sit back and enjoy this book… as Totality unfolds infinite possibilities.