TATVAMASI : You Are That (Download)



Glimpses of a Non-Commercial English Biographical film on Life & Teachings of Shree Nisargadatta Maharaj.
A film on ancient teaching of Advaita-Vedanta philosophy.
(Film duration 87 Mins.)
The Full length Film is available for sale.

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Tatvamasi – You Are That is the first biographical film based on brief life history as well as the core teachings of Shri Nisargadatta Maharaj, the teaching of Non-Duality (Advaita).

As a matter of fact very little data or information about Nisargadatta was available anywhere. He would rarely speak about the personal events & aspects, yet some of the events are taken from the experiences shared by his closest disciples/students as well as from a few books available on Him.

We were fortunate to get a rarest ever discussion video recorded by some visitor (unknown to us) who met Nisargadatta in maybe late 70’s. These discussion/talks were edited and used in the Films which will give glimpses of what Nisargadatta taught.

With the spontaneity of His words & expressions, thousands of them have been transformed. A question may be asked that what is this transformation!? Watch the interviews of many closest disciples/ students & interpreters of Nisargadatta, Indian as well as foreign.

Nisargadatta uncovers the deepest meaning of life so effortlessly just like a surgeon operating on a patient with utmost ease & expertise. He exposes the reasons for the sufferings to the viewers so clearly and sets them free for further search, investigation, pondering & absorption.

His expressions never needed any support from the scriptures; but would always be based entirely on his Own Direct Understanding. His teaching transcends every possible organized religion and hence connects with each & every person who is in search of peace & happiness.

You are welcome to watch the film … Which is your story… story of your Real Nature. We are sure that you will not only like it but will find yourself at HOME. Films have been seen by thousands of viewers with their comments in the review section.