Notes and Pointers on ‘WHO AM I?’ E-book by P Ramakrishnan

It is indeed great pleasure for me to present three wonderful E-books for ardent students of Advaita.
My friend Mr P Ramakrishnan has translated the book ATMA BODH, compiled ATMANISHTA UPANISHAD and written… Notes and Pointers on ‘WHO AM I?’

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[Sublime Lessons from the Substratum MONAD SELF]

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Original Author in Tamil
Satguru Sri Sri Santhananda Swamigal

Translator: Mr P Ramakrishnan

In a nutshell, ‘Atma Bodh’ contains spiritual lessons on de-addiction know-how, which the human mind needs to learn to set itself totally free from the delusive dualistic self-perception. The sense of ‘Ahambhav’ (EGO) in us is indeed the most intoxicating condition. We all know this fully well by
first hand experience in our life. This ego addiction is not strange to any one of us! At times the reader may feel, while reading the contents of this book ATMA BODH, as to why there are points repeated too often. The translator states confidently that they only apparently appear as repetition.
They are actually reinforcing the truth to our distracted mind. On a lighter note, Poojya Swamiji must have compassionately considered that “If one stone misses the target, at least the next stone will hit you. Further, if the first stone has hit you, then the next stone will finish you!” Let us get our egos
finished once and for all by being hit by ATMA BODH.




COMPILER Mr P Ramakrishnan

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‘ATMANISHTA UPANISHAD’ contains pointers to help the finite to journey towards the Infinite, rather to realize that there is really no such journey at all there! How far to journey, to wake up from
a nightmare???!

A true Master does not really feel the necessity to record his teachings because he has no teachings
apart from his Life, which is a living example of the ultimate truth. Every breath in his Life pulsates this truth of undivided oneness. Hence, he is unable to abstract something apart and record it as his teachings.We people who are around such Masters have been inundated with their love, which is the living proof of that pristine oneness. But just as we are unprepared in all floods, we are not able to retain even a fragment of this inundation in us. Hence, we need recorded teachings.
Swami Atmanishtananda Saraswatiji is one such ‘Master’. Nothing could be committed to print as his teachings, which used to unfailingly flower in the daily living situation, while we were around him. His every gesture, why even when he was seated silently, pointed to the state of oneness. “Though, it is always unfamiliar, the ultimate truth is very simple”. This is the life centre of his daily pointers.
He had expressed his preference that “Life should be lived, like the flight of a bird. Does it leave behind a path of its flight”? But we are trying to plot the path; this rare and magnificent bird flew. The following are some of the recollections of the exposure we had with the perfect one. As they are recollections, should there be any blemishes in them, they belong to us. As the Master used to quite often point out, “It is flowing in abundance. Whatever type of vessels you bring along, only that much you can carry!” We fervently hope that ours though tiny one, it is not a leaky vessel.


Notes and Pointers on ‘WHO AM I?’ 
[‘In’quiring self-identity puzzle]

Pragmatic and firm insightful steps for studying one’s struggling “self” (Ego).
The way to freedom from the ‘KNOWN’!

Written and Compiled* By:
Mr P.Ramakrishnan 
Spiritual Intelligence Study Centre
B4/44 Elite Empire, Balewadi
Pune 411045. April 2015

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With Love,

Nitin Ram
08 Sept 2015

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