Difference is only apparent

What is the difference!

JP: What’s the difference between you and me?

NR: Your dictionary is so much based on the word ‘difference’ & so much on the belief on the word ‘difference’. ‘Difference’ is the only word that has dissapeared from my dictionary! Lol
Difference is in the appearances only!
As long as you are identified with and as the appearence (as this body bowl) the seeking will continue followed by the suffering.
A single question may solve this ‘difference’ concept permanently.

JP: What’s the question?

NR: What is the nature of the entity that is interested in the ‘difference’? Find out….who you really are!

JP: 🙂 I need to think about it. I will. Thank you so much.

NR: You are most welcome. Thank you.

-Nitin Ram
11 April 2011