Flower of Trust blooms on the ground of Love

A beggar millionaire

A millionaire beggar’ story talks about something much deeper than it appears on the surface.

It is the story of each spiritual seeker.
Each one is seeking for ‘something’
which is essentially ‘Eternal’…..
call it SELF or Truth or Peace
or Happiness or Love.

Why is anyone searching for something Eternal? Because at some or the other instance, each one recognizes the futility of
the temporal peace or joy or happiness.
The search for something Eternal continues but through known means of relationships or money or fame or position.

Not knowing that the Peace or Happiness
is his/her Real Nature but simply because of loss of memory like this millionaire … until ‘someone’ reminds him/her about IT.

Once cognized… convinced & realized …
no one can really beg for That which is his/her Own Nature…Real Nature… which is undeniable Peace or uncaused Happiness or the Unborn Principle!

To be honest …
’A millionaire beggar’
was my own story… until ‘the Friend’ … ‘the Satguru’ confiscated the begging bowl & compassionately reminded my Real Nature. The undeniable trust bloomed on the ground of love & the beggar which was just a thought… a dream … a shadow; dissolved in its Real Substance. The Millionaire woke up from the dream of being the beggar! 🙂  Jai Guru

With Love,

-Nitin Ram
27 February 2012

Whatever the question, Love is the Answer

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