The sponge called love…

Eye of the Heart

Eye of the Heart
Blindness isn’t only the absence of the eye sight,
it is the belief that everyone around is blind!

Ignorance isn’t essentially the absence of the knowledge,
it is the accepted notion that everyone around is ignorant!

Darkness isn’t only the absence of the light,
it is the faith that everyone around is in darkness!

Incompleteness isn’t always the absence of completeness;
it is the false belief that everyone around is incomplete!

The intelligence (mind) fails to recognize its own limitations;
as its foundation is based on the boulder called doubt!

The heart never has any limitations;
as it’s based on the naturally found sponge called love!

The eye of the intelligence sees……
the blindness, ignorance, darkness & incompleteness*;
as the ‘limited’ naturally fails to recognize the ‘Unlimited’!

The eye of the heart sees none of them*;
as the ‘wholeness’ isn’t aware of any of the holes! 🙂

Loving regards,


-Nitin Ram

24 May 2011
Whatever the question, Love is the Answer!