What did Krishna realize?

Have you ever thought about this?

What did Krishna* realize?
You may be
Have you ever
What is THAT which Krishna* realized?????
What changed, transformed within Him,
After meeting His Guru Sage Sandipani??
What is THAT which Ram* realized?????
After meeting His Guru Sage Vasistha??
Have you ever thought about this?
Has anybody ever asked you this??
Has anybody ever told you about this?
Ok. . .
You may say that
some ‘knowledge’ was given by Sandipani or Vasistha.
But then ….what exactly changed within Krishna* or Ram*
For them to realize their Real Nature
& discover the Silence within
to end the seeking?
Many read scriptures like Yoga Vasistha, Bhagawad Geeta
and some even by heart them.
Why don’t their seeking end????
Why the need for any need doesn’t cease?
You also might have read many scriptures.
Is there any need to read this post??????
Honestly, what’s the need?????
What’s more to be understood?
Although this question is in public/general domain, general (timepass) discussions are not anticipated. But anyone who is interested in dissolving the dis’ease’ that causes the psychological suffering, agony & prevents the unveiling of the Causeless Joy, is most welcome HERE.
This (blog) is certainly not an intellectual playground
but rather a background where all the unreal grounds may get dissolved
through the open approach, honest admissions & unconditional love.
You may share your experiential views and share your reflections, which could be helpful to some other friend or who knows… may be for you. You may share your honest notions or conceptual barriers which obstructed (or obstructing) you during the journey. You are welcome to ponder over this question by exchanging your own experiential understanding.
*Krishna (here) is synonymous to Osho or Nisargadatta or Ramana or Ram or Jesus or Mohammad or Buddha or any of those who realized their Real Nature.
Jai Guru
With Love,
Nitin Ram
01 JULY 2012
Whatever the question, Love is the Answer.